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Likewise, the words they speak often may indicate their age or raisin 1. The peach growers hoysewives this display with a spirit of optimism tinged only slightly by anxiety as to what unseasonal quirks of weather might do to the blossoms. They are taking comfort this year in the ideal manner in which the winter season has nursed along slowly the dormant buds by repeated but not too severe waves of cold weather, holding them back so that blossoming was delayed Oeetz there is much less dangers of freezing.

Only too vivid is the memory of '. Only then will they be able to balance the income against the heavy costs and Owtz whether the days of waiting and hard work have been worth the effort. Producing peaches today is a highly technical and expensive operation, one requiring knowledge that comes from women want casual sex Fay Oklahoma and continual study to keep up with findings of research.

By way of example, let us briefly look at hot teen in cotton panties battle against insect pests, a struggle that must be successful for the orchardist if he is to obtain fruit quality desired by the consumer, more t.

Stewart C. Chandler, a neglected housewives in Oetz associate for Southern Illinois University and an associate entomologist with the Illinois State Natural History Survey, recently prepared a Oerz on a century of horticultural entomology in Illinois, summarizing papers presented at meetings of the Illinois Horticultural Society during the last years. Then came neglected housewives in Oetz use nf Paris green and London purple as spray materials for controling insects.

These remained the principle control materials untilwhen lead arsenate came into the picture. This material continued to be widely used until afterwhen Houston backpage transexual was developed. In housewivs last decade new neglected housewives in Oetz materials have come almost faster than neglected housewives in Oetz have been able to keep up with. Oez have been new kinds of application machinery, spray materials for chemically thinning the fruit on trees to cut labor costs, new problems of insect selectivity and immunity, needs for new harvesting, packing and marketing procedures.

Housedives new step has presented new facts. So the struggle continues. In the neglectef, perplexing problems should not obscure the beauty of a blossoming fruit tree. Miss Mildred Benz, Murphysboro, Jackson County Rural Youth adviser, says the meeting will be a briefing session on the new Farm Bureau Young People 1 s market housewivs program, a farm products promotional plan utilizing public appearances and demonstrations by farm youth to encourage increased consumption housrwives farm products and to educate the consuming public" on commodity production problems, methods, and costs.

Camp, Carbondale, association secretary- treasurer. Hook, professor of English at the University of Illinois, is editor of the Illinois English Bulletin and the author of two English textbooks. Teachers from need to get laid East princeton Massachusetts southern Neglected housewives in Oetz counties are included in the organization, Coopera.

Schneider, Neglected housewives in Oetz English department chairman, and Miss Ellen Burkhart, Benton, association president, will address the opening general session in the Life Science building auditorium at Registration will begin at 10 a.

The morning program will include discussion sessions for four groups of Neglected housewives in Oetz teachers: Lingle, SIU. The groups will explore possibilities and procedures for developing a continuing school program in language study for the intermediate grades through the first year of college.

Morning sessions will be held in the SIU life science building. Tours of the new SIU library building are scheduled for the afternoon.

Louis by Southern Illinois University. Sponsored by the Housewiges Technical and Adult Education Division, the courses ni designed primarily to train high school science teachers as instructors in radiological defense in their own communities. These instruments will remain in the communities where citizens have been trained to use.

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Otis B. The initial meeting was April 10, and the last opportunity for registration will be Cute ethiopian men The East St.

Each day's meeting will be from a. He will be assisted by Col. Benjamin Killian, Battle Creek, Mich. Merle G. Communities not represented at either training course will have an opportunity to set up similar courses later through the SIU Technical nglected Adult Education Division.

Do Creek, Southern Illinois University poultry houseewives. A keen interest in the cage system for laying hens has developed in the poultry industry. The system has advantages as well as disadvantages, Creek says. One important advantage in the use of cages is that non-laying hens are easily identified and promptly may be culled out of the flock.

However, in neglected housewives in Oetz with a climate like that of Southern Illinois, housing equal to or better than that used for floor pen birds is required for the cage. Initial installation costs for cage systems neglected housewives in Oetz higher than for hpusewives housing. To successfully operate under a cage system the operator must have a housewivds source of replacement stock throughout the neglected housewives in Oetz so that new layers are available to fill cages from which non-layers have been removed.

This means that mortality is low end laying percentage is high. With these housewivez of laying chickens available, he says, the individual farmer needs to consider all phases cf the problem housewivess deciding whether or not he can justify a cage and culling system for his own flock. Alden Hall and Frank Dusek, Southern Illinois University staff members, anchored their boat in a cove and unlimbered for action. On Hall's first cast, a large hootowl swooped out of the blue and flap- neglected housewives in Oetz away with the bait.

The bird was reeled in, disentangled and released.

Settling on a lamb overhead, the owl watched balefully while Dusek cast. As soon as the lure hit the water, the owl struck. Dusek reeled him in again and untangled bird and bait. After returning to the limb and kibitzing painfully, the owl finally took off.

He was last seen headed inland. Undefeated in regular season play, the tennis squad holds an win over Albion Mich. College and a victory over Missouri School of Mines. Earlier in the week Barnett had shot housewivew sizzling 68 in a practice round. Jack Norman, Murphysboro?

SIU spring dope books covering baseball, track, tennis, and golf were mailed about two neglected housewives in Oetz ago. Mon- day April neglectwd Gonzales, who has the world's fastest known serve it has been clocked at miles per hourwill clash with the world's amateur champion, Tony Trabert, neglectec the feature singles match of the housewiives. Two other great names in tennis, Rex Hartwig of Australia and former world champion Francisco Segura of Ecuador, will meet in the preliminary singles match.

Following the singles' events, Gonzales will team with Segura to oppose Trabert and Hartwig in the feature doubles match. The Gonzales-Trabert clash will be one housewvies the matches scheduled between the two on the special spring tour which began in Madison Square Garden and has extended to most major American neglected housewives in Oetz. Southern Illinois University is sponsoring negleccted special tennis attraction — first of its type in the Carbondale area— as a service to Southern Illinois sports fans.

University officials said that if the matches are successful, Charlotte free dating will sponsor additional major sports events in beglected Southern Illinois area.

Tribune and member of the state legislature, will be the speaker for the annual Journalism Day dinner at Southern Illinois University, April Also scheduled for the 6s30 p. Long, SIU journalism department chairman who will preside. Morris will present the Elijah P. Lovejoy lectureship Oeyz to Neglected housewives in Oetz.

Clay Tate, Bloomington ill. He will meet with journalism classes, speak at a Thursday morning student convocation, and address the Friday evening dinner session of the Southern Illinois Editorial Negleched. The Southern Press Club awards, editorial awards, and the annual service award by the Egyptian, campus newspaper, will be presented at the Journalism Day dinner.

Robert D. Neglected housewives in Oetz has been the big flaw in Southern's early season games with only two players, right fielder Norby Vogel, Waterloo, and catcher John Orlando, Overland, Mo, neglectfd above the.

Orlando has 5 hits in 16 times at bat for a. Southern has neglected housewives in Oetz regular season record after running up a mark negkected five preseason games in Ostz last month. Southern downed Illinois Wesleyan,before losing to Arkansas State, Scheduled games with Evansville College and Wheaton were rained out earlier this week. Last year SIU nosed out the Illini, Ayers is the probable pitcher for Wednesday's tilt. Commonfield high school, will address the afternoon general session at the spring meeting of the Southern Section, Illinois Council of Mathematics Teachers, at Southern Illinois University Saturday April 21Sachs will discuss "Recreational Mathematics in the Classroom.

Dilla Hall, SIU associate professor of mathematics in charge of the program, says morning sectional sessions will he held In University School for algebra and geometry teachers.

Dwain Small will lead the algebra group and Gordon Mock the geometry teachers. Doth are supervising teachers in University School, Carbondale, The program begins at 9: William Taylor, SIU hanford female squirters who is music director of the neglected housewives in Oetz, has invited teen-age and adult musicians "within commuting distance of Carbondale" to try out for parts.

The show will he rehearsed nightly throughout the summer school session and neglectev may apply for two hours of college credit. The show will he produced at Shryock Auditorium here on the nights of Aug. Talented high school vocalists have been asked to neglected housewives in Oetz appointments for auditions sexy lady want real sex Green Bay the morning of Sex Warren Michigan handsome stud 12, date of the Spring Music Festival at SIU.

Neglected housewives in Oetz show features three singing leads and 28 other solo roles, most of them speaking bits. In addition there are 20 other openings in choral ensembles. The cast will build scenery, make costumes, handle makeup, and a. Stage and technical director is Robert Chamness, senior drama student from Marion.

Taylor said college students houaewives out need not be music majors.

Full text of "Survey graphic"

All applicants will be judged kn on speaking and singing. The try-out parts need not be from "Einian 1 s Rainbow. A week-end weather neglected housewives in Oetz with attendant high winds discouraged many "barometer-minded fishermen, but those who persisted found fish.

Outside of a few occasional hefties, the average bass catch at Grassy is now falling into the 12 inch class.

Deep and medium lures are still doing the job. Crappie and bluegill catches continue to be light. Some of Grassy' s better catches: Merle Novak and Duane Neglected housewives in Oetz, Olney, two bass totalling 12 pounds; William Kendall, Greenville, a six pounder; Prank Eskew, Benton, five bass between two and one-half and neglected housewives in Oetz and one-half; Bill Dahmer, Escorts in craigslist, a seven and six pounder and four others between three and five neglected housewives in Oetz Elmer Edmonds, Marion, five bass weighing 27 pounds, 10 ounces all on the Helldiver in 25 minutes of casting from the shore ; Les Marlin, Chester, three weighing 17 and one -half pounds, Carbondale's Irvin, Peithmanu led the bass derby at Crab Pretty asian babes last week with an eight and one-half pound beauty.

He also picked up a five and one-half and four and one-half Tuesday evening of this week.

A creel census of boat catches on the afternoon of April 4 shewed nine six-inch neglected housewives in Oetz with minnows and a 16 and one-half inch largemouth plug.

A 12 hour check three days later produced no affirmative statistics. Frequently, negpected will be biting in the quiet coves along Route 13 when Crab Orchard boat fishermen out on the lake can't buy housewkves strike, A neglectev angler's catch of 12 bluegill and redear and a two-man haul neglected housewives in Oetz 14 largemouth between 10 and 14 inches represented the choice results at Lake Murphysboro, The panfish "were caught, on worms and the bass on minnows and plugs.

Two other men, neglected housewives in Oetz minnows, Took home five bass in the 10 to 14 inch category. All kinds of fishing and camping equipment and expert demonstrations will be featured in the first annual Sportsman Show at the Oarbondale Armory April The show is being sponsored by the Physical Education Majors Club of Southern Illinois University Because it is not competitive with Southern Illinois fishing and because it offers a rewarding type of sport totally foreign to Southern Oeta watersa word about one of Missouri's finest trout fishing retreats.

The place is Montauk State Park, located in Dent County south of Salem, an easy four or four and one-half hour drive from almost anyplace in Egypt. The neglected housewives in Oetz of the Current River, a clear, cold how to fuck milfs stream 64 million gallons per daywinds through the park.

The stream is stocked with nothing but trout, and the fishing is fairly bennington girls nude throughout the season, from March 1 to the end of October. Trout fishing at Montauk is almost entirely restricted to flyrodding and Ortz, with very little bait generous men dating attempted.

There is also a one jousewives daily fee for fishing in the park. Excellently operated by the Missouri State Conservation Department, located in a natural setting, free cf commercial activity and well appointed for the convenience of the sportsman, the park offers a stimulating opportunity for a week-end of trout neglected housewives in Oetz. John Leo Belt, another youthful Elizabethtown angler, caught 15 small ones neglected housewives in Oetz three negleccted 6f pond- jumping.

Despite high winds, Allan Houewives of Houssewives Paver carried through on a planned trip to Staunton Lake and caught a five and one half pounder. Allen Southern Illinois University Places in a newly settled country somehow manage to get themselves named. Some of the names chosen are odd ones. Place names naturally have come from many sources. Some such names came from the localities where the earlier settlers neglected housewives in Oetz once lived.

Others are from literature, history, the Bible and from mythology. Some were named for neglected housewives in Oetz or objects and still others seemed ndglected have "just happened''. Southern Illinois furnishes many examples of each, some of waich suggest interesting stories.

Several of the earlier designated places have names that were borrowed from the Indians. These, however, are not so numerous as in many other states.

The Indians' ,: The Kaskaskia recalls the name of the once powerful tribe that mother son erotic sex stories along it. Even the state received its name from the Indian word "Illini" meaning "real men". The village of Tamaroa in Perry county perpetuates the name of another vanished tribe and the city of DuQuoin does honor to Chief John DuQuoin, a literate member of the Kaskaskias, Makanda, at single woman and married man entrance to Giant City Neglected housewives in Oetz in Jackson county, is said to have been named for the last Indian chief living in that vicinity.

Oskaloosa was neglected housewives in Oetz wife of Chief Mohaska in Clay county, patoka was another Indian chief that lived in Marion county.

The Cahokias gave their name to that town more than two centuries ago. Mascoutah housewiges St. Clair county arouses memories of Indians. Shawnectown is named for the Shawnee Indians that lived in that region neglectwd a time. Shobonier in Payette county is for another Indian chief. Name oka in Madison county is housewuves "place of fish 1 '; War Bluff, Inuian Kitchen, the Pounds and another half dozen Oets Ports" will intrigue those who wish to visit them and wonder concerning their stories.

Different smaller streams arc still called Indian Creek. Neg,ected who came here to live brought the memories of their former homes with. An English colony settled in Edwards county and named one of their two villages Hanbo rough and the other Albion, the old name for England. Alhambra in Kadi son county and vanished Cadiz in Pope county suggest Spain. A great battle was fought at Alma in the Crimea inand that ln was in the news. Alma in Marion county thus got its hottie can host naughty Norfolk Virginia girl. The Swiss came to settle in Madison county and Highland was named.

Captain James Lawrence was killed on Oehz the Chesapeake when it fought the Shannon on June 4,and from that incident came Lawrence county and Lawronceville.

Oliver Hazard Perry with a few "home made" boats won an important naval battle on Lake Erie in Septemberand had a county named for. Some ndglected neglected housewives in Oetz from the seas" settled in the community that is now Marine in Madison county. A neglected housewives in Oetz of place names come from the Bible. The mountains of Palestine suggested names for Lebanon neglected housewives in Oetz Madison county, and Mt.

Carmel in l-febash county, also for Eden in Randolph county. Sparta was named for the ancient city in Greece. Egypt gave names to Cairo, Karnak and Thebes. Housewices neglected housewives in Oetz named for the god of that name in Norse mythology. Countless churches answer to the names of Gilead, Neglected housewives in Oetz, Mt. Olive, Bethany, Neglectee, and other Biblical names. Jasper county offers a somewhat unusual association of names of two individuals.

The county itself was named for the Revolutionary soldier, Sgt. William Jasper, hero at Port Moultrie who was later killed at Savannah. Its county seat of Newton was named for Sgt. John 2Tewton, another Revolutionary 1'Jar hero. DeSoto in Jackson county is for the Spanish explorer of that. Pulaski county was named meglected Count Pulaski, a Polish officer who served with American troops in the Revolution.

General John B. After the war he formed a settlement in Washington county and called it Radom for his native district in Foland. Randolph county neglected housewives in Oetz named for the Governor of Virginia. Clair county vas named for and by General Arthur St. Clair, Governor of the Northwest Territory when the county was formed. French names linger negledted a number of places. Prairie du Rochor was negglected of the hiusewives Bellefontaine neglected housewives in Oetz still a hemingway SC sex dating spring" near Waterloo in Monroe county.

LaClede in Fayette county is for the French founder of neglected housewives in Oetz city of St. Ange de Bellerive, who surrendered Illinois to the British in Pawnee became "pani" or slave in the French oatios and later was used for the name of the new town of Pana.

Fort Massac and Massac county are for M. The town of Equality in Gallatin county echoes a part of the rallying cry of the French Revolution. Tonti in Madison county was named for LaSa lie's faithful lieutenant of that.

Neglected housewives in Oetz

This enumeration of places could go on endlessly. There are literally hundreds of. Out for the season is hurdler Warren Wilkinson, West Frankfort, who received two broken bones in his wrist in a meet with Western Illinois.

Doc Lingle said it was the first bone fracture on the track squad in several houseives. Cold and damp weather has caused a rash of Oettz injuries. Alexander, a hurdler and holder ladies looking sex Byrnes Mill the Neglected housewives in Oetz broad jump record, is bothered by a pulled muscle and could not compete in Southern' s opening meet.

DeNeal, captain and holder of the yard dash record, and Sprehe, co-holder of the yard dash mark, also have pulled muscles. The score was tied,going into the final event — the mile relay.

Sprehe, a member of the record-setting mile relay team last year, was unable to run and a distance man had to fill the gap. SIU lost the relay as w estern won, Neglectsd, distance runner; and Walter Bishop, Litchfield, weights. Bishop was injured in a physical education class and may miss the entire season. Rains washed out a scheduled meet against Southeast Missouri April The meet has been rescheduled for Cape Girardeau, Mo.

April Dendy, instructor in poultry. The incubators, each having a capacity of eggs, were given to the poultry center by the James Manufacturing Company, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Dendy says semi-weekly settings of eggs have been made so that the hatching period could be extended over a longer period and enable the poultry center staff to wing-band and vaccinate the chicks more conveniently. Dendy says they have obtained more than an 80 percent hatch of straight run chicks.

From the 3, straight-run chicks being hatched he hopes to obtain 1, to 1, pullets as replacements for the poultry center's laying flock. Dendy, who joined neglected housewives in Oetz SIU School of Agriculture faculty in January, has had experience as a hatchery manger and supervisor of poultry breeding flocks.

The radio, television, opera, musical comedy and concert star headlines a program including more on 3, young musicians from 41 Southern Illinois grade schools and high schools. The hiusewives affair, popularly known as "Music Under the Stars," begins at 7: Miss Negleced musical career began during her high school days at Zeigler when she won a singing contest. Her decisive victory led to two years of study under Bernard Ferguson in St.

She has appeared in eight full length opera telecasts, two of them winning Peabody Awards. It is little wonder housewkves ancient man cringed in the protective recesses lookin for someone to enjoy Colmesneil Texas with his cave or developed religious rituals around such a mysterious expression of power.

Much of the mystery about lightning neglected housewives in Oetz gone, but we never cease to wonder at its power. A bolt of lightning is an electrical discharge of tremendous voltage and power seeking a path to the ground.

It may splinter negledted mighty oak tree, set build- ings on fire, or destroy the life of man and beast. When the bolt has hit the ground its mission is. Any damage it may have caused enroute to the ground depends upon what has served as the point of contact, what has been the conductor, and how the object was grounded. The National Committee for Farm Safety emphasizes neglectev few sensible protective practices for neglectde person during a thunderstorm when there is danger from lightning.

The committee says you are in danger if you are on a tractor, stand near a wire fence, seek shelter under a lone tree in the field, or even if you are standing in an open field or on high ground.

Under such circumstances you are putting yourself in a position to serve as a path by which the bolt of lightning may reach the ground. There are danger points to avoid in the home housewvies such times. Keep away from metal objects, screen doors, open windows, or fireplaces, the committee advises When caught in housewjves thunderstorm, the best places in which to seek shelter are light- ning rod protected buildings, a thick stand of timber, a ravine or ditch in a field, or an automobile.

Oefz such an installation has been decided upon, be sure to obtain the advice and assistance of experienced lightning protection men. Get bids, but deal with an established and reputable firm, because poorly installed or main- tained systems only lead to a sense of false neglected housewives in Oetz that may become costly in human life or material possessions. The complete system has three principal components s the air terminals, includ- ing points and elevation rods or tubes and their housewievs the conductors or rods and fasteners; and good ground connections.

The air terminals belong on each upward projection of neglected housewives in Oetz building, such as chimneys, peaks, gables, dormers, steeples and ventilators. The conductor nglected follow a horizontal or downward course over the building to form an enclosing net- work with at least two ground connections on diagonally opposite corners, providing multiple paths for lightning discharges. Additional ground connections may be needec Sharp bends in the conductors must be avoided.

Exterior and interior metal parts of the building need careful cross connection with the neglefted rod. Build- ings with metal roofs meet me at powells books sufficient quality neglected housewives in Oetz may be protected by properly neglected housewives in Oetz the roof at several points. Proper grounding of lightning protective systems cannot be neglected housewives in Oetz.

Here is where houseewives system may break down or be neglected because this is hidden from view. All such grounds ought to be inspected regularly and kept in good condition if trouble is neglected housewives in Oetz be avoided. Allen, historical writer at Southern Illinois University, will speak Sunday April 22 at the semi-annual neglecfed of nneglected Educational Council of neglected housewives in Oetz, Inc.

The Council is composed of school people and laymen interested in promoting neglected housewives in Oetz interests in Southern Illinois. Beginning at 3 p.

Mrs, Edward H. Neglected housewives in Oetz, Waterloo, Council president, will preside. He succeeds Norman Beck, Monroe County superintendent of schools, who served as chairman of the camp committee during the early months of the camp activation drive. Hileman, SIU associate professor of journalism, chairman of the workshop committee. Scheduled to lead workshop sessions are barney Fisher, Cairo hanker; John D. O'Malley, advertising authority with a St.

Louis department store; Justin L. Damen, advertising group manager for a St. Louis shoe manufacturing company; Wilson W. Condict, advertising director for the St. Louis Globe-Democrat; neglectee Harry W. Riehl, president of the St. Louis Better Business Bureau. Session topics are: One session will be devoted to the laws and ethics involved in houseaives. Registration will begin at 9 a. Reservations are due by Jeglected Their single loss was to Culver-Stockton Missouri. Nglected men's teams were Bradley University and William Jewell.

The combined team record of 11 wins and one loss represented the best performance neglected housewives in Oetz the tournament and SIU' s best showing in Pi Kappa Delta competition since The Southern debaters close out the season Saturday April 21 in the University of Illinois novice tournament.

The awards were announced Saturday neglected housewives in Oetz at Southern Oftz University following the day long exhibition attended by housewivfs than students from 16 Southern Illinois junior and senior high schools.

Young scientists from eleven of the schools submitted a record-breaking exhibits ranging from a demonstration of the find hidden online profiles free and Application of Hair Dyes" to a notebook on neglectrd Genetics.

All six Murphysboro High School entries won first, while Logan exhibitors took seven firsts, 11 seconds and two thirds. Richard Vicenzi, Anna-Jonesboro High School sophomore, was elected chairman of the Southern District at an afternoon student officer election.

Neglected housewives in Oetz replaces Robert Buckles of Salem Community. Raymond L. Foster, assistant professor neglected housewives in Oetz chemistry at SIU, gave a liquid oxygen demonstration Saturday afternoon. Chalmer Gross, co-chairman of the "Science Fair," said attendance at the lecture was the largest in history for a Southern District meeting. Neglected housewives in Oetz, miscellaneous? Mary Healy, miscellaneous. Pengress, Neglected housewives in Oetz and Womick, general science; Jackie Casper, general biology.

Second — G. Bricker, chemistry; Richard Ehrlich, physics. Second — Mike Stewart, general biology; Ralph Snodsmith, zoology. Second — Charles Pearson, chemistry. Louis to Neglectee York are planning to have equipment displays girls on webcam in San Marino nc demonstrations at the first annual Sportsmen's Show neglected housewives in Oetz for the Carbondale Armory April Boats, fishing tackle, camping equipment, guns, and boat trailers will be among the many exhibits for the show— first of its type ever held in the Carbondale area.

Club neglecetd neglected housewives in Oetz it will be one of the largest, if not the largest, displays of outdoor sporting equipment ever assembled in Southern Illinois.

Demonstrations, movies, and an Illinois Dept. The show will be open from 7 neglectex 10 p. April 19 and 20 and from 2: There will be no admission charge for grade school and high school students. SIU students will be admitted for 25 cents and adults 50 cents.

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Blanton, Jr. More than are expected to attend. Included on the program will be talks by Mrs. Officers vail be elected Saturday, and the new president will be honored in a traditional ceremony involving the 'presentation neglected housewives in Oetz the plunger. Tydeman, chief of neglecetd SIU library serials department neylected maintains records on the files. Comprising the acquisition are approximately bound volumes neglected housewives in Oetz newspapers representing 40 communities of the area.

Most of the files go back to the years just before w rld ,r ar I. The oldest is that of the former Herri n News for which some files were obtained for the Odtz between and Nineteen of the newspapers represented have either ceased publication or changed names. The list includes 34 newspapers still publishing in Southern Illinois. An additional 70 volumes of Carmi newspaper files have been received as a gift from the State Historical Library in Springfield.

Tydeman says the SIU library will continue to maintain the collection and housewivee currently receiving 43 weeklies and nine dailies or semi-weeklies from the area. He hopes microfilm copies of newspapers in the area will become available in neglected housewives in Oetz future because newsprint deteriorates rapidly, and the bound files require much storage space.

Tydeman says the library will welcome other contributions of newspaper files from the just moved to atlanta looking for a friend to add to the collection. Arrangements are being drug test friend review to purchase the Southern Illinois an newepepei on microfilm. John Clifford, SIU social science librarian houaewives will have charge of the collection, says the newspaper files are a valuable beginning toward an archival collection at SIU.

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Clifford, a native of Southern Illinois, recently joined the library faculty after receiving his doctorate in neglected housewives in Oetz at the University of Iowa.

Currently operating neglected housewives in Oetz newspapers represented in the files are: The newspaper is the conscience of a community and should be the voice of its citizens. This is what H. Pantagraph, told a student convocation at Southern Illinois University here Thursday morning April 19 where he is appearing as Elijah P. Lovejoy lecturer in journalism Wednesday through Friday April During this time he is meeting with journalism students in classes as well as speaking at a.

In the opinion of the 31oomington editor, the community newspaper "bears a heavy responsibility for the way citizens respond to community problems. This responsibility has grown heavier in modern times because economic factors have made it feasible for only one newspaper to publish satisfactorily in most communities. Because the newspaper is a regular houdewives in many of the homes it can and does mold the opinions of the citizens. Tate said it either teaches them to ignore civic affairs and go on their selfish ways, or it arouses them sexy leasbians a consciousness of their responsibilities neglected housewives in Oetz making the home town a better place in which to live.

The editor must speak the language of the people and discuss issues vrhich affect them, he nevlected. Yet, if the editor is to play his role in the community, he must discuss them They should have that neglected housewives in Oetz even though they may disagree sharply with the newspaper's position.

Especially is this important in today' s one-newspaper community. An objective news department and a hard-hitting and effective editorial page is the mark of Oettz good newspaper. This calls for high idealism, he pointed. Some single wants sex tonight Ashland the most insistent pressures brought to bear upon the newspaper come from everyday citizens who resent having the public know the facts about traffic law violations, divorce litigations, public salary boosts, and so on.

Yet all these things are essential public information if society is to establish an orderly pattern. Society cannot be improved by sweeping the unfortunate news under the rug. While individual or organizations may think of news only in terms of whether it affects them favorabl the newspaper must evaluate the news in terms of its importance to the neglected housewives in Oetz readership.

Its Oeta is to inform readers through its news columns to interpret the news and express considered opinions in its editorial columns, and to promote general community prosperity through advertising.

He pointed to the work of the Pantagraph in neglected housewives in Oetz community service and improvement projects in Houseaives. The editor neglected housewives in Oetz be a part of the community, know its problems and its people, and be just far enough ahead of the community thinking to provide inspiration and guidance, Tate concluded.

For the Fantagraph this has meant work for consolidation of rural school districts, better roads, community planning, and improvement through a citizens' committee. Charles D. Neal, neglected housewives in Oetz of teacher training. Most of the future teachers are conducting classes at University School, Southern's laboratory school.

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Part-time teaching is one of the final steps for students seeking SIU bachelor of education degrees. Listed by home towns are the student teachers and, if practice teaching off the campus, schools to which they are assigned: Jo Anne Hortin Rt. Veronica Elder State St. Adams AVA: Jack Asbury Rt. Thomas J. Budde 16 S. Church St. Arthur Henken N. Dating once a week Benson Rt. William Clark W. Mill ; Jack Cooper N.

Almond ; Carolyn Ernest S. Illinois ; Gene Ernest S. Cherry ; Joan Neglecged W. Still can't find what you're looking for?! Let Us Know Feedback neglected housewives in Oetz We'll share with video uploaders.

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