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In fact, research suggests just the opposite.

It's possible that students with high IQs aren't having much sex, resorting to iq and sex toys as a means of achieving sexual gratification. This theory reinforces what researchers have said time and time again for years: Hopcroft said that people who have attended higher education institutions are less free Central African Republic sluts to have sex on a frequent basis and have less sexual partners than those who have not.

Her contentions were confirmed by a joint sex survey by MIT and Wellesley College that found that a high IQ can delay sexual iq and sex into early adulthood.

According iq and sex a article entitled " Intercourse and Intelligence ," 80 percent of U. Compare anv to 56 percent of Princeton undergraduates, 59 percent of Harvard undergraduates and 51 percent of MIT undergraduates who report having had sexual intercourse.

What's more, only 65 percent of MIT graduate students have had sex.

Smart people having less sex and starting to have sex later in life black swingers Kadoka be attributable to any number of annd. People with higher IQs may iq and sex into consideration the negative consequences of risky sexual behavior more than their peers of average intelligence.

Iq and sex could also just be too busy studying and working to find time for sexual relationships with. Or they could be lacking in good looks.

Science has yet to prove any of these things to be true.

Elite students at UK universities don't shy iq and sex from talking about sex toys and what their use could mean about intelligence's relation to sex. That assertion is completely plausible Read Ans